Intellectual Property disputes

Tort Law (i.e. Motor Insurance Claim, Defamation, Encroachment, Negligence, Assault & Battery)

Employment Law (i.e. Employer & Employee dispute)

Constructions claims & disputes

Judicial reviews in relation to the Homebuyers Tribunal, Labour Court matters, Industrial Court matters & Consumers Tribunal matters

Land acquisition matters

Auction related matters & proceedings including but not limited to removal of caveat & recovery of vacant possession

Probate & Letters of Administrations, Small Estate & related matters

Landlord & Tenant dispute matters (i.e. Distress & Eviction Order)

Land & Equity (i.e. Property Transaction dispute, Eviction of Squatters & all related matters)

Family matters (i.e Divorce, Resealing Divorce, Custody, Guardianship, Matrimonial Property dispute, Adoption & all related matters)

Bankruptcy, Company Winding-up & Insolvency and all related matters

Common Law (i.e. Shares, Debt Recovery, Sale of Goods and all related matters)

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Sale & Purchase Agreement for Sub-sale (i.e. land, factories, housing & etc)

Sale & Purchase Agreement for Auction Sale

Third Party Transfer – Transfer by Gift or Love & Affection (eg, husband-wife, parent-children)

Financial – loans with various banks (ie. UOB Bank Berhad, Public Bank Berhad, Hong Leong Bank Berhad, RHB Bank Berhad & AmBank Berhad)

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Corporate Matters

Construction Agreements

Halal related matters

Licensing Agreements

Corporate Restructuring

Company Formation

Partnership Agreement

Franchise Agreement

Company Share Acquisition Agreement

Foreign Investment Agreement

Joint Venture Property Development Agreement

Privatisation Agreement

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Intellectual Property
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Patent (affiliaties with other firms)

Industrial Designs (affiliaties with other firms)

Overseas Registration (ie. China, Indonesia, Singapore & any other Asia Countries)

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Application for APEC Business Travel Card

Last Will

Setup Register of Association & Submission of Annual Statement of Account & AGM & EGM

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